Step Motor Drive 2240
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  • DIP switch selectable microstep resolutions
  • DIP switch selectable current settings
  • Pulse/Direction inputs
  • LED status indicators
  • Automatic current reduction at standstill

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USAutomation's USSD2240 is a compact, high performance, DSP based digital microstepping drive utilizing an advanced control algorithm to minimize resonances, optimize system smoothness and maximize available torque. A built-in self test feature can recognize the motor being driven and internally set the operating parameters for optimal performance. The result is that overall motor performance is smoother, noise and vibration are minimized, and less heat is generated. The USSD2240 includes Pulse/Direction inputs and can drive a wide variety of hybrid step motors from NEMA 08 to NEMA 23 at up to 2.2A per phase current rating. The drive creates microsteps up to 6,400 discrete steps per revolution. Suitable applications include medical equipment, lab automation, XY positioning systems, vision systems, etc.